Team performance PRISM
team performance


Improve your self-awareness via PRISM Brain Mapping – a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. It will help you to win more business from existing clients and convert more prospects in your pipeline. Team profiles can also be created as a complementary exercise – how is your team likely to behave, and what are its strengths and weaknesses? A third stage is team performance diagnostics – what level of results is being achieved and in what culture/environment?

For more information about PRISM Brain Mapping please click here.

Cost: £150 per individual profile; £250 for team profile; £500 for team diagnostic.

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Strategic planning (workshop)
strategic planning


Put your growing business through a strategic planning and implementation process. Give your business the luxury it deserves and build a plan which will enable you to achieve what you want for the business and what you want for yourself.

Cost: £600 per half-day.

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Board challenge (workshop)
board challenge


Would you like to take the “Board challenge” for growing businesses? Subject your business plan to a stress test. You will either have the comfort and reassurance of knowing your plan is robust and fit for purpose as it stands, or receive the benefit of some additional “gold nuggets” to move it from good to great.

Cost: £500 per half day.

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Ad-hoc face-to-face mentoring
face-to-face mentoring


Take advantage of “ad-hoc” face-to-face mentoring – dedicated advice and guidance for your growing business as and when you need it.

Cost: £150 per hour.

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Taking your business to the next level (workshop)
Taking your business to the next level


Explore the path to sustainable profitable growth, by undertaking an interactive workshop that will help you to take your business to the next level.

Cost: £1500 (full day).

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Client diagnostics (workshop)
Client Diagnostics


Understand your clients better, and gain an unfair share of their business, in a Client Diagnostics workshop for growing businesses.

Cost: £1500 (full day).

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Effective leadership (workshop)
Effective leadership


Discover the secrets of leading high performance teams in our Effective leadership workshop for growing businesses.

Cost: £1500 (full day).

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Adaptive selling (workshop)
Adaptive Selling


Secure more business from existing clients, and convert more of your pipeline prospects, with our Adaptive selling workshop for growing businesses.

Cost: £1000 (half-day).

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Retainer face-to-face mentoring
Retainer face-to-face mentoring


Sign up for face-to-face mentoring – combat the potential loneliness of your growing business and have someone walking alongside you as you grow the business internally and externally.

Cost: £150 per hour.

Please call 07957 480460 or email for further information or to book some time with me.

Book: 'From Crew to Captain: Commander of the Fleet'



COMING IN 2015: “From Crew to Captain: Commander of the Fleet”. This new book for established and growing businesses will address general business growth challenges, building on an established business model and achieving sustainable profitable growth – with a special feature on building from sole practitioner to a consultancy practice.

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A StartUp Story

There are seven great stories. Think of the people around you in the house, office, train carriage or wherever you may be. They will each have their own favourite books, films and plays. Each will have its own plot but it will likely be one of seven stories: Voyage and Return, Quest,...

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Welcome to my last expert article for Growing Business! Over the past three articles we have looked at finding business partners, associates, and outsourcing partners, all of which are things you will need to consider at some point during your business’s lifetime and are hard decisi...

#26: How do you find the right Outsourcing Partners?

Over the past two articles we have looked at how to rind the right business partners, and how to find the right associates. The third in the set is Outsourcing Partners. What I am thinking of are people who provide services which fall outside the real scope of your consultancy practi...

#25: How do you find the right Associates?

Finding the right associates for your business is not the easiest of tasks. Nor is it the hardest, so there is a bright side! We will take a similar approach to this as we did with finding business partners. There is a broadly similar set of criteria you may wish to apply for selectin...

#24: How do you find business partners?

In my last article we looked at what a successful practice looks like, which followed on nicely from the “wish list” we covered in my previous article on value drivers in a consultancy. Now I want to move on from this and concentrate on your next stage of business: partnershi...

#23: What will a successful practice look like?

Here we are at the start of another year, always a good time to reflect on lessons learnt and a time to decide how to move forward. This month, I want to follow on from where we left of last year, looking at your strengths and weaknesses and why these are important aspects to cons...

#22: Value drivers in a consultancy

Well, here we are at the end of another year. For my final expert article of 2014, I want to move on from last month where we looked at exit strategies and concentrate on your strengths and weaknesses, important factors to consider when developing a business. Building a “best pra...

#21: Exit Strategy

This month I want to talk about exit strategies, which I covered very early on in a previous article but want to return to before the year is up. I am indebted to my good friend and trusted associate Julian Sawyer, with whom I had a fascinating discussion around exit planning for a c...

#20: Pros and cons

Having looked at your motivators and rationale for trying to move from sole practitioner to practice head in my last article, it’s time to evaluate the pros and cons of such a transition. So firstly, the pros: You can potentially create a value business which means you can ex...

#19: The reality check – why do this?

Before you go too far down the “consultancy practice” road, it’s worth pausing and taking stock. You may find it useful to review how far you have come on your journey, what you have learned, how you would describe where you are (including the extent to which you have achieved y...

#18: Creating a consultancy practice

Now that we have covered the best and worst tips for success, the latter of which I hope none of you have had the misfortune to relate to, it is time to move on to if you are actually ready to make these changes and why you are doing them. Of the many lessons I have learned over th...

#17: 10 Disastrous Strategies

After sharing my top tips with you last week, I wanted to draw on this some more in a bit more depth. Upon writing this article, I sought input which left me profoundly depressed – I ended up with over 100 things not to do or avoid! So to draw myself back from the edge of the precip...

#16: Top Tips

This week, I wanted to share some of my top tips on how to run your business successfully, which I have learnt throughout my career and continue to follow. One of the key attributes of people who succeed in growing their business is that they refuse to admit defeat. Making wrong de...

#15: Future for the Founder

This links up quite nicely with the previous issue of Choices. As we have discovered, a business achieving sustainable profitable growth offers choices to its owner or owners, as it is operating from a position of comparative strength. Let us consider the implications of some of these...

#14: Choices

Now that you know how to assess the financial strength and stability of your business, which we covered in my previous article, you may now find yourself facing a series of choices you need to confront as your business continues to develop and grow. A business achieving sustainable pr...

#13: Financial strength and stability

Over the past few articles, we have been looking at how to build and develop a business successfully, using skills both old and new. Many of these have been key characteristics, such as strategic planning, and managing implementation risk. If you have embarked on a transformation p...

#12: Measuring progress

Going back to my previous article on managing implementation risk and why this is important to building your business further, I mentioned that knowledge was also a key component in this process. Knowledge is a massive asset for any business. Some of it is written down or captured so...

#11: Managing implemetation risk

Now that you know how to put a strategic plan together, it is time to look at how you can use your knowledge to build your business further. When I used to work in Venture Capital we were regularly assessing strategic and business plans. If we liked the people, and the idea, we wou...

#10: The strategic planning process

Following on my from my last article on business growth, I would now like to talk about how you can achieve this through implementing a strategic plan for your business. A Strategic Plan is fundamental to your ambitions being realised. In simple terms, you really need to be able to...

#9: Prerequisites for sustainable profitable growth

No matter what business you are in, it is important not to underestimate the work that needs to be done if the founder of that business is considering a push for sustainable, profitable growth. I am indebted to my good friends Paul Chapman and Mike Robson of Azure Partners, who have s...

#8: Learning to let go

The founder/owner of a business will eventually need to let go of things and feel okay about it. When you think about change, you can be forgiven for assuming that it’s the province of the big companies. But nowhere is the impact of change felt more acutely than in the small busines...

#7: Managing change

Managing change in a big organisation is fraught with disaster. It’s not necessarily any easier in a young growing business.  If you are the founder it starts with you. How do you feel about hiring other people and letting go? Do you trust other people to do the job as well as you?...

#6: What do YOU want for yourself and the business?

As we draw to the end of this section on how far you have travelled on your journey, and what the world looks like, it is time to make sure that whatever plans you make for the business are 100% “in sync” with what you want for yourself. A good place to start is your values and...

#5: Taking stock

So you recognise that things have got to change. But where do you begin? A good way to start is by taking stock of where you are. You may want to start with some relatively generic questions: How do we define what we do? What do we excel at? What do our customers value? W...

Achieving growth

What my clients and associates achieve To give you a flavour of the range and type of people and companies I work with, I have asked some of my clients and associates to summarise what they have been achieving recently. It’s an interesting tapestry. I hope you find their achieve...

#4: A “heads-up” for the founder

We have already talked about some of the signs that a business needs to change if it is going to grow, and it is almost inevitable that the change has to start close to home i.e. with the founder. He or she is normally so busy running the business that there is no time to consider tak...

#3: Managing expectations

It’s often helpful to be able to position yourself in terms of how far you have come. Not only can you benchmark yourself against other small businesses, but you can see what lies ahead on your “Darwinian” journey, and begin to plan accordingly. There are a number of small bu...

#2: Increasing profitability

So, you’ve proved that your business model works, and you have broken through the first barrier – achieving breakeven! Now the focus turns to achieving sustainable profitable growth, whether your ultimate aspiration is a trade sale or merely an orderly winding-down when you hav...

#1: Characteristics of a growing business

Growth can be characterised in several ways - sales, profit, employees, but whichever way you look at it the underlying driver is likely to be that the founder wants to look beyond funding his or her lifestyle and set their eyes on value creation. It all begins with the owner-manag...



Mark Southwood

Managing Director, Temple Group Limited

David has made a very useful contribution to Temple Group over many years. It has been a challenging journey (as most businesses are) and he has bought some valuable insights and an important impartial perspective on a wide range of issues at key stages. He always operates in a thoroughly professional and discrete manner. In short, he remains a trusted adviser and I’m sure he will continue to assist me over many years to come. April 2013


Jon Sweet

Managing Director, Lysis Financial

Being the CEO of a niche consultancy can be a lonely place. David is a constant source of advice, support and innovative ideas. His enthusiasm for and commitment to the firm is remarkable. May 2013